Science on the new 2014 GED(R) Exam

Here is the link to the on-line 2014 GED(R) Item Sampler for science :

We recommend clicking on the above link and working through the science section on-line.  Even though the new 2014 GED(R) will not be on-line, it will be available only on computer.  Answering the questions using the computer format will help you get a deeper sense of what students are going to be asked to do.

If you want to print out any of the item samplers, you can use the following link:

Some questions to think about:

a. How do you think your current students would do on these sample questions?  Are there any specific questions you think will pose a real challenge to your students?

b. What are some specific similarities you see between the current GED exam and the new one coming in 2014?  What are some of the specific differences?

c. What are some ways that your current instruction is already preparing students for the kind of questions they will face on the new GED exam?

d. What effect do you think the computer-based format will have on your students’ performance?  After looking at the sample questions, aside from typing, what computer skills do you think students will need to navigate the new exam?

e.  What Big Ideas in science do you see emphasized in these problems?

f.  What questions do you have?